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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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so it is not an adversarial, budget driven exercise. next the bart + fare instrument, i understand there is a notion to eliminate that. i wonder how that will be handled as if their change. t do believe that constitutes a fare increase to the passengers using it. new traffic signs appear to have mixed case lettering, i was told it was related to the mutcd. lettering and traffic signs is easy to read and this mixed case is more difficult. next item, dpt friday hearings. i was at two of them and asked for written procedures and guidelines for how the hearings work. i was given some
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documents. there is no complete set of procedures of what people can expect. i suggest that be developed. over the weekend i was at embarcadero. there was a new map on the platform that reflects service changes that have not been approved, that have not been cleared environmentally. i question that. i wonder if that is confusing to the public and somewhat disingenuous. suggestion changes that not happen. finally muni signs at three locations. all of which are high-traffic locations. it would be great if we can get muni signs at those shelter locations. >> i am a child advocate on
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pedestrian safety advisory, and one of the things i am advocating is the bicycle ambassador program. i have addressed this to cheryl in other meetings and we have talked about this, and in the pedestrian safety task force meeting. i am looking at the rules of the road that the bicycle coalition puts out with respect to yielding to pedestrians and stopping at stop signs and not running red lights. i cannot remember when i saw a bicyclist not running a red light were stopping at a stop sign. support the safety program currently given by the coalition but we have people out on the street handing out the rules of the road to bicyclists who don't obey the law. the same thing for
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pedestrians who jaywalk or do other things that are extremely egregious and could cause injury and to drivers, being able to hand them out to them. this would be a transportation safety issue, and i know that fmta does have federal funding. i hope that you will consider this, because it would really be helpful. and i think that it would be good-will for the bicycle community to have a program like this, bicycles monitoring out of bicyclists. not easy but something we should look at. >> [indiscernible] >> good afternoon. barry -- with the san francisco cabdrivers association. you have ignored the three years of meetings that we had discussing a fair
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way to go about this process without jeopardizing what people have worked for her whole career. in looking at some of the e-mails, a lot of chatter going on, director hyneke [sounds like] -- in a previous board meeting he said some of the money will be towards illegal limo and taxi enforcement. it's not good for cabdrivers of public safety. people are running around mad because they cannot lift anybody. you can't make a living. you get frustrated. people start driving around angry.
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that is not a public safety thing. so, you need to consider the industry more and not just be in it for your profit. the main priority here city seems to be that the mta is making a profit, not doing anything about the illegal demos and cab services. that seems to be okay with you as long as you're making money. >> hello directors, i will keep coming here until i get my point across. i know i am getting my point across. i'm here to talk about the lists, number 34 on the waiting list, driving almost 20
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years. i've done of the things. i used to act; i almost went back to new york, i wanted to stay in san francisco, i had the anticipation i was going to receive the medallion. people that i know who have got medallions much older, sold their medallions, received something, not retirement but something. and i am just pleading my case. i don't know what else to say. i am driving right now. i parked my cab. i'm here to plead with you, to give your medallions out. i have anticipated, worked almost 20 years. i still have to call in for shifts.
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that's the way the cab industry is. pleases, it's been said, i drove friday and saturday nights, pink cars, sedans, picking up people without reservation. from the street. and they are charging more. it is frustrating. i have taken pictures of them. i have said something to them. i wish there was some way you could get people out there. s would do it myself if you would deputize me. they runaway when i say something. i don't want to get into a whole lot of argument. >> mary mcguire the last person. >> taxi driver, mary mcguire.
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what he said is exactly true, playing the lines at caltrans, regency, did not customers. what is it with these private cars? they are soliciting us. there was a recent article. kind of made the cab industry like dinosaurs. you are. you have not kept up with the demand for cabs, so busy trying to figure out how to make money from that but we have a huge gap in your doing nothing. i hope you are doing something we're thinking about it. how much insurance do these people have? i was told that one driver has 15,000 dollars insurance which is the minimum. we have 1 million. i don't understand how they can do that because it is an app, how can an app insure
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cars? can you regulate this? something that is going to happen. we are losing all our business to these people and part of it is as the article described, it is dated. you are not allowing us to have a universal app to compete. we cannot advertise. we cannot prepay. need an additional cab stand, on the west side of townsend, 90 percent of the rides are heading westbound.
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if you have another stand, the cabs would not be forced to make a u-turn. thank you so much. >> all those in favor? opposed? >> moving on to the regular agenda item.
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